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March 31, 1999
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Magazine Flourishes Despite Rejecting Tobacco Ads
MEN'S HEALTH magazine was recently nominated for the National Magazine Award for general excellence, and has seen its circulation increase by 500 percent since 1991.

The magazine, and its publisher Rodale Press, has accomplished these despite a policy against running tobacco or alcohol ads.

The Publishers Information Bureau says the biggest increase in magazine ad spending in the first two months of 1999 was from tobacco companies, which spent $58.8 million in January and February, up 32.4 percent.

MEN'S HEALTH competitors GQ and ESQUIRE each received over $4 million from tobacco companies in 1998. Rodale Press' other publications include PREVENTION, NEW WOMAN, BICYCLING and RUNNER'S WORLD.

Rodale bought NEW WOMAN in 1997 and immediately cut off all tobacco and alcohol ads, costing the magazine $3 million in revenue. NEW WOMAN editor Judith Coyne commented on the loss of revenue from tobacco and alcohol ads, "It's a challenge. But as an editor it's very liberating in a certain way because you don't feel implicit or explicit pressures. . . and it's not a problem as far as readership goes."

Reuters, (3/29/99) "Men's Health Magazine Smokes Without Butts, Booze Ads", Gail Appleson
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