[Letter to Owner, Los Quates Del Norte Restaurant]
5016 C. Lomas NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
March 1, 1999
CONTACT: Scott Goold at 505.293.2504
Dear Mr. Frank Barela:

I am a consultant and I therefore do quite a bit of traveling. During my last trip I had a layovers in the St. Louis airport. I was really impressed with the facilities they now have for smokers. Due to the growing recognition and concern about exposure to second-hand smoke across the nation, many establishments are responding.

In the St. Louis airport they have created glass-encased smoking lounges. These areas are equipped with sophisticated ventilation systems that rapidly draft the smoke outside the building. The result is that smokers are basically side-by-side with nonsmokers and both groups are able to enjoy their preferred lifestyles.

The Albuquerque airport does not yet have a standard. There is one facility similar to the St. Louis airport. The smoking lounge is fully glass-enclosed and they have a ventilation system to draft away the smoke. This is a privately owned facility between the two concourses. Another facility located near the end of Concourse B is not enclosed. The second-hand smoke fills much of the passenger seating area. I am sure that this will be changed in the future as our leaders become more educated about the dangers associated with second-hand cigarette smoke.

As stated in my February 9th letter, our organization is asking local businesses to act voluntarily to resolve this problem. We would like to avoid further legislation, as there are enough laws on our books today. In that letter I asked you to consider a 100% smoke-free establishment. As I have not heard from you, I assume you were not convinced by my argument. Therefore, how about enclosing the smoking lounge/bar in glass and providing ventilation? This would be a proactive step to protect your patrons. I have included some recently released facts for you to consider:

  • Secondhand smoke is a public health issue. Secondhand smoke causes cancer, heart disease, and serious breathing problems. It aggravates respiratory illnesses in children.
  • Nobody should have to breathe smoke to have a job.
  • Waitresses have the highest lung cancer rate of any female profession.
  • There is no known safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • People with asthma and other breathing difficulties should be able to enjoy all eating and drinking establishments.
  • Every study using sales tax data shows that smoke-free restaurant legislation is good for business.
  • Smoking is optional. Breathing is not.

Thank you for your anticipated proactive response to our request.



Scott Goold, Director


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