[Letter to Owner, Los Quates Del Norte Restaurant]
5016 C. Lomas NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
April 12, 1999
CONTACT: Scott Goold at 505.293.2504
Dear Mr. Frank Barela:

It is clear that you are unwilling to respond to my recent letters (February 9th and March 1st) concerning the amount of second-hand tobacco smoke in your Los Cuates Del Norte facility. Included with this letter is a [summary facts sheet] concerning the serious negative health effects that accrue from second-hand tobacco smoke. I am also posting this letter on the CCAA Web site and sending a copy to the Honorable Judge Geraldine, District Court of New Mexico.

I promise you that our society will one day hold owners of businesses fully responsible for exposing workers and their clients to the serious consequences of second-hand tobacco smoke. Health experts and medical researchers are already aware of these dangers. They have been warning us for many years now. There is, and has been for some time, sufficient documented research to support their assertions.

This material serves you formal notice about the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke. Your failure to take immediate action to correct and eliminate exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke for both your workers and patrons may be construed in the future as negligence on your part. You may find that you are liable for millions of dollars in punitive as well as compensatory damages.

I urge you to fully consider the serious implications of your recent decision to not react to this health crisis. You have a wonderful restaurant with great food. A commitment to a healthly environment will not negatively affect your business revenues. For the of me, I cannot understand why you subject your workers as well as your patrons, many who are children, to the adverse and negative health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke.

Thank you for your anticipated proactive response to our request.



Scott Goold, Director


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