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Update The Smoking Accommodations Act passed the Public Affairs committee on February 11th. It was heard in Corporations & Transportation on February 18 and received a tie vote. Senators Kysar, Maes, McKibben and Rawson voted against it. Senators Aragon, Fidel, Kidd and Maloof voted for it. Robinson, the bill's sponsor, and Macias were excused. We urge everyone to work on Kidd, Maloof and Macias. The bill can be removed from the table at any time for a re-vote.

Oppose Senate Bill 351
The CCAA opposes passage of SB351 on the grounds that this legislation does not effectively further state or Albuquerque Clean Air Ordinances passed in 1986 or 1989 (summary of clean air legislation).
Senate Bill 351 "Smoking Accomodations Act" was introduced by Shannon Robinson, D, Albuquerque. This is a preemptive bill. The purpose is to prohibit smoking in designated areas, provide retail businesses with the option of providing designated smoke-free and smoking-permitted areas on the business premises, or permitting smoking anywhere on the business premises.

The CCAA in addition does not support this bill since it removes local authority to legislate on this issue. After July 1, 1999 cities and localities will be prohibitted from passing Clean Indoor Air Ordinances more stringent than above.

This bill is assigned to the Public Affairs Committee, Shannon Robinson, chair, and to the Corporations and Transportation Committee, Roman Maes, chair. You can review this bill online by clicking here.  Enter "351" in the available space and select "Senate."  For a PDF copy of the bill, click here.

Corporations & Transportation Committee members are:
- underlined names may be emailed directly
- letters may be faxed at 505.986.4610 - include Room Number for faster delivery
Manny Aragon Dem Albuquerque 105 505.986.4733
Joseph A. Fidel Dem Grants 325 505.986.4536
Don Kidd Rep Carlsbad 423 505.986.4369
Raymond Kysar Rep Farmington 422 505.986.4383
Fernando Macias Dem Mesilla 320 505.986.4507
Roman Maes, Chair Dem Santa Fe 300 505.986.4501
Phil Maloof Dem Albuquerque 218 505.986.4267
Billy McKibben Rep Hobbs 217 505.986.4274
Shannon Robinson Dem Bernalillo 323 505.986.4504
Leonard Lee Rawson Rep Las Cruces 109 505.986.4703

Public Affairs Committee members are:

Mark Boitano Rep Bernalillo 18 505.986.4366
Dede Feldman Dem Bernalillo 13 505.986.4266
Mary Jane Garcia Dem Dona Ana 36 505.986.4726
Gloria Howes Dem Cibola/Mc 4 505.986.4310
Stuart Ingle Rep Portales 27 505.986.4701
John Arthur Smith Dem Deming 35 505.986.4521
R.L. Stockard Rep San Juan 2 505.986.4368

Please call your Senator and ask them to vote NO on this bill. Ask your colleagues to call theirs as well. If you know a constituent of any of the above Senators ask them to call their Senator.

You may write these Senators at:
Honorable ___________ (It must be addressed to that specific senator)
Room Number or District
State Capitol Building
Attn: Mail Room Dept.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Open letter to Senator Phillip Maloof [here]

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