Advertising Accounts for 34% of Underage Smoking Initiation

"A ban on advertising is critical. As several important studies have shown, underage smokers are strongly influenced by tobacco advertisements... Each day that we waiver on laws regulating the tobacco industry, 1,000 more people die from tobacco-related illnesses."

Dr. Richard Stein
New York City Board, American Heart Association
Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Lungs

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Advertising and the First Amendment
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The Ad and the Ego
What is it about advertisements that is so pleasing to the ego? Review examines Harold Boihem's film, The Ad and the Ego. Boihem's work won first place for best documentary at the San Francisco Golden Gate Film Festival.

Smokeless Tobacco Advertising Reached Record High In 1997
A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report found that smokeless tobacco manufacturers spent a record $150.4 million promoting their product in 1997 (latest statistics), an increase of 21%. Much of this spending was on billboards, free-hat offers and sponsorship of sporting events. The FTC also reports that smokeless tobacco revenue rose nearly 2%, to $1.82 billion, the highest since the FTC began tracking the industry in 1985.

Source: WALL STREET JOURNAL, "Promotional Spending For Smokeless Tobacco Increased 21% In 1997", January 13, 1999, p. A13.

Cigarette Advertising in Women's Magazines

Magazines are a preferred source of health information for women, and research has shown that women's magazines that carry cigarette advertising are less likely to have articles on the hazards of smoking. In the United States, smoking accounts for at least 29% of all cancer deaths and 87% of all lung cancer cases. Seventeen of the 21 largest women's publications carry some tobacco advertsing.

Sources: Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 90, No. 17, September 2, 1998

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