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Albuquerque Businesses Linked to Trend Influence Marketing (TIM) Deception

We recently uncovered a marketing strategy employed by R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris. They call this deceptive ploy Trend Influence Marketing (TIM). TIM abandons standard advertising campaigns and tries to "become the trend-maker." R.J. Reynolds uses TIM to increase the popularity of Camel cigarettes. Philip Morris uses a similar strategy to increase the popularity of Marlboro cigarettes. These companies recruit sexy females and hunk males and covertly attempt to entice unsuspecting youth to use their products.

The most important element of TIM is to conduct the strategy secretly. If companies openly push 'trendy,' the effort will fail. They conduct Trend Influence Marketing, therefore, underground. The marketing company wants their role to remain invisible. They do not want unsuspecting and potential customers to be aware of these selling strategies. They want the activities to be perceived as cool. The stated objective is to make local 'hipsters' believe smoking is their idea and that they started a trend.

These businesses know that smoking is an addictive and proven deadly habit. We do not appreciate their efforts to use spies, moles and recruits from the tobacco industry who secretly and surreptitiously manipulate our friends, family and children in order to make a buck. We demand these businesses have the ethics and courage to openly tell potential consumers of the marketing strategies for their products. The image below comes from Camel/Downtown Distillery and Camel/Launchpad ads (Weekly Alibi, August 19-25,1999).

smoking warning

The purpose of this notification is to alert GENERATION Xers, teens, kids and the general public of this deceptive and manipulative strategy. We are posting the names of the local participating businesses. We urge you to contact the management of these companies and express your dissatisfaction with their malicious and surreptitious tactics.

Camel Cigarettes Marlboro Cigarettes
Company Phone 505 areacode Company Phone 505 areacode
Burt's Tiki Lounge 243.BURT Anchor Inn 892.1211
Launch Pad 764.8887 Blue Jeans Lounge 294.8138
Our Place 831.4323 Boot Scoots 299.2719
Our Place II 831.6890 Corner Pocket 294.8853
Anchor Inn 892.1211 D & J Ranch 275.1616
Downtown Famous Sam's 843.7110 Drift Inn Lounge 243.3373
Sneakerz 837.1708 Elaine's Place 994.9032
Brewster's Pub 247.2533 Fiorellos 864.7636
Club 211 766.9601 Howie's Sports Page 292.4263
Sprockets 232.9700 The Junction 888.1569
Pulse 255.3334 Metropolis 271.4621
The Martini Grill 255.4111 Ned's 888.0397
Gecko's 262.1848 Our Place 831.4323
Ned's 888.0397 Phil's Liquors 877.2777
Pro Billiards 293.6144 Pulse 255.3334
Downtown Distillery 765.1534 Ronney J's 890.6890
Ventura Wood Burning Pizzeria   Shooter's Saloon 438.7777
Coaches Sports Grill 242.7111 Sneakerz 837.1708
Ventura Lounge   Sonny's Bar & Grill 255.5932
Laff's Comedy Caffe' 296.5653 Sundowner Lounge 255.9601
Blue Jeans 294.8138 Sunset Bar & Grill 265.1604
Joe's 268.2300 Two Minute Warning 565.2646
Duffy's 271.2645 Sprockets Pub 232.9700
Sundowner Lounge 255.9601 Club Rhythm & Blues  
Tavern Pub 275.3790 Stone Face Tavern 822.8855
Midnight Rodeo 888.1000
Moonlight Lounge 764.0249
Misty's Hideaway 271.9839
Sunshine Theater 764.0249
The Catamount 988.7222
The Paramount 982.8999
Trumps 922.0437
D'Nile 254.2595
Sauce/Liquid Lounge 242.5839
Sharkey's Billards & More 881.7475
Perl's Dive 244.9405
Zodiac 254.3838


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