Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Lungs


EVENT HISTORY: Saturday Night. Smoke-filled downtown nightclub on historical Route 66, 12am. The Goo Goo Dolls blast through the sound system. The cigarette machine is broken... Lisa's looking to bum a smoke. She saunders up to the bar in her ripped Levi's and vintage motorcycle jacket and looks at the bartender. "Manny, got an extra cigarette?" Manny reaches into the chest pocket of his black t-shirt and pulls out a Camel. Before she can place the cigarette to her lips, the flame of a silver Zippo flashes in front of her.

OBSERVATIONS: Agent Jackson: We've had Manny under survellience for some time. He's a suspected mole for the tobacco industry. We know he came to the Albuquerque area a little more than a year ago. We've traced him to Chicago. We know he worked a couple clubs there for over two years. He's a known tobacco industry perpetrator. He's addicted over 100 women to date.

SUSPECTED VIOLATION: Agent Kelly: We uncovered the employment advertisement in the Weekly Alibi about a month ago. The KBA Lifestyle Marketing agency has infiltrated the Albuquerque area. They're following their standard operating procedure. They recruit local talent or move professionals in from other locations. They work underground in the unsuspecting new market.

They offer their recruits and part-time employees perks, flash money and trendy promo products. One trademark item is the Zippo. They equip their moles with an supply of smokes and task them to distribute as much product as possible. We've been watching RJ Reynolds Camel cigarette and Philip Morris Marlboro cigarette promoters since late 1994. This is the first time we've observed this marketing deception in the Albuquerque area. This is a quiet town with a lot of unsuspecting potential dupes.

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Weekly Alibi: May 13-19,1999


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