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Teen Cigar Smoking On The Rise In Florida
Results from the first Florida Youth Tobacco Study, released January 25, 1999, show that one in five high schoolers and one in seven middle schoolers reported smoking at least one cigar in a month.

"Young people see cigar bars and cigar magazines and a lot of celebrities smoking cigars, and they're getting the message that cigars are a good thing," said Cindy Vallo, chair of the Tobacco-Free Florida Community Partnership of Palm Beach County.

The report shows that nearly 8% of sixth-graders and nearly 20% of eight-graders reported smoking cigars.

When asked why teens smoke cigars, one 17-year-old responded, "A lot of teens smoke cigars because they're better for you than cigarettes are. You don't inhale." The Florida Youth Tobacco Survey interviewed 23,000 Florida students last February.

Source: SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL (on-line), (1/25/99) "Teen Cigar Smoking Is On Rise", Bob LaMendola and Glenn Singer

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