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CCAA Asks New Mexico's Attorney General Udall and Governor Johnson To Oppose the Proposed Tobacco Settlement

November 19, 1998

The New Mexico tobacco-reduction coalition, Citizens for Clean Air in Apartments (CCAA) released the following statement in reference to the proposed deal negotiated by eight state attorneys general and the tobacco industry.

Based on our preliminary study of the tobacco settlement documents, which we obtained from the Internet, we understand why the tobacco industry allows only a limited period of review from the public. We cannot understand why the various attorneys general would rush to enter into this 25-year agreement.

We are not convinced that this agreement is in the best interest of the public's health. We are not convinced that this agreement would be an effective measure to combat teenage smoking, which has risen dramatically in the past decade.

We ask, therefore, that Attorney General Tom Udall and Governor Gary Johnson request more time, at least 30 days at minimum, so the public health community, legal experts, the public and media have a reasonable period of time to review and study the terms of this proposed settlement.

The CCAA has provided comprehensive information about the proposed settlement, including comments from various health organizations and policy advocates, on their Web site at http://www.unm.edu/~sgoold/ccaa.