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Glantz - "Current AG Deal Is Better Than June 20th Deal"

Many people are comparing the current AG deal with the June 20 agreement of last year and saying that it is not as good as June 20. I disagree.

The current deal does not have any immunity for the industy against private law suits.

The current deal does nothing to compromise FDA regulation or preempt local tobacco control laws.

The money for the states (if they actually get it given all the loopholes, adjustments and offsets) is about the same as June 20. (Some of the June 20 money was to settle private suits.)

This is not to say that the current deal is good. It is a scam. But the June 20 deal would have done much more damage.

I just hope that, given all the talk of federal legislation, we do not get back in to the same mess we did last year.