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Koop and Kessler on proposal -- Don't seem to agree with Lungren

In the press release that Dan Lungren sent out on the deal, he said: "When Minnesota settled their case earlier this year, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop hailed that settlement as 'the most significant public health achievement of the 20th Century.' This proposal exceeds Minnesota's accomplishments on public health.'"

Perhaps Lungren should have actually asked Koop what he thought of the deal Lungren and his pals cut. Here is the statement that Koop and Kessler issued:

The following "Statement on the Proposed Tobacco Settlement" was on the stationary of The Advisory Committee on Tobacco Policy and Public Health,Co-Chairs: Dr. C. Everett Koop and Dr. David Kessler:

"This isn't a national settlement. It's about money. There is very little in here for public health. The settlement doesn't deal with the three big issues the public health community vigorously fought for in Congress last year -- a significant price hike, lookback provisions and FDA authority.

"People should recognize that this isn't the end of a fight, not by any means. It's only a start. Congress needs to finish what it started this year and pass a significant public health bill on tobacco in the next session."