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Minnesota Sets Aside $489 Million For Tobacco Control

The Minnesota House and Senate agreed to place $489 million into two tobacco control endowments.

A $387 million endowment for a statewide tobacco-prevention program will be administered by the Department of Health. The interest from the endowment will generate $19 million a year for advertising and other tobacco-prevention programs.

A separate endowment will produce $5 million a year for community antismoking efforts. According to Judy Knapp of the Minnesota Smoke-Free Coalition: "This is a huge step forward in the effort to reduce what tobacco addiction costs all of us in lives and dollars.

It's a great day for Minnesota's children, its families and its citizens."

Minneapolis Star Tribune, (5/18/99) "Antismoking efforts get half of tobacco endowments," Conrad deFiebre / Star Tribune [Full Text: here]