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Major League Baseball Players Star In Tobacco Control Ad
Five major league baseball players will star in a public service broadcast to draw attention to World No Tobacco Day on May 31st.

The public service broadcast will be aired in baseball stadiums during the Memorial Day weekend and throughout the baseball season.

"These ballplayers can do much to reach our nation's youth and convince them of the dangers of tobacco use," said baseball announcer and former major league all-star Tim McCarver, speaking at a press conference to launch the campaign.

"May 31, World No Tobacco Day, could be the day YOU quit. Wouldn't it be great to spend the baseball season tobacco free?" says New York Yankee outfielder Paul O'Neill in one of the announcements.

In addition to O'Neil, Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, New York Mets third baseman Robin Ventura, Travis Lee of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Eric Karros of the Los Angeles Dodgers will also star in the public service broadcast.

Edith Lederer, "Baseball Players In Anti-Smoking Ad," ASSOCIATED PRESS, May 25, 1999.

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