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Smoking Prevalent In Cartoon Films
A study released today, March 19, 1999, shows that over two-thirds of G-rated cartoon films over the past 60 years show characters smoking or drinking.

University of North Carolina professor Adam Goldstein viewed 50 films from 1937-1997 and found that heroes smoked and drank just as much as villains did and there were no anti-smoking or anti-drinking verbal messages.

"There was not a change over time, and substance use continued at this high rate even though concern about tobacco use is at a feverish pace," Goldstein said.

Disney spokesperson Claudia Peters responded, "The suggestion that we support alcohol and tobacco use is absurd." She added that substance use is discouraged by Disney, "with a rare exception where it is relevant to the character or plot point."

USA TODAY, (3/19/99) "Cartoons Haven't Kicked Bad Habits", Karen Thomas, p. E2

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