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PBS Special On Political Money Features Tobacco Industry
On June 8th (1999), Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) will air a one-hour special called "Free Speech for Sale." Hosted by Bill Moyers, the show will examine three cases where corporate money was used to overwhelm public debate.

One of the examples is the tobacco industry's $40 million ad campaign against tobacco control legislation sponsored by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) that changed the debate from restrictions on cigarette makers to "big government, big spending and big taxes."

Moyers said, "It is time to take a hard look at the critical issues involving money and power.

This is an issue between corporations and the unincorporated and the corporations' only agenda is profits and power.

Ideology is not the driving force in America today, money is."

Reuters, (5/27/99) "FREE SPEECH FOR SALE": Bill Moyers Follows The Political Money", Arthur Spiegelman
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