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Violence Joins List of Tobacco's Health Hazards
  Holly Firfer & Reuters
  Cable News Network
  March 14, 1999
ATLANTA (CNN) -- Men whose mothers smoke often during pregnancy may be more prone to violent and criminal behavior than the adult sons of women who abstain from tobacco, according to research published Sunday full story.

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Adult Male Criminal Outcomes

  Patricia A. Brennan, PhD; Emily R. Grekin; Sarnoff A. Mednick, PhD, DrMed
  Archives of General Psychiatry
  March, 1999;56:215-219

Commentary - March 1999
Prenatal Smoking and Antisocial Behavior

  David M. Fergusson, PhD
  Archives of General Psychiatry

Finland Study, Prenatal Smoking Fosters Crime In Males

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